Colquitt Police Department

The Patrol Division for the Colquitt Police Department is made up of a Captain, Sergeant, Corporal/K-9, and three Patrolmen. All personnel in the division are uniformed officers. The patrol division is responsible for the constant protection of the citizens of Colquitt, Georgia. The city maintains law enforcement coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The officers work 12-hour panama shifts. The patrol division duties include but are not limited to the constant patrolling of the city of Colquitt, responding to emergency calls, accident investigation, crime scene preservation, enforcing state and local ordinances, assisting local agencies, educating the public, and special security functions.

The Patrol Division maintains a special security checklist when request from citizens are received. The officers also place troubled areas on the list. The properties are checked at different intervals of the shifts. Properties can be placed on the security checklist by calling 229-758-1000, or 229-758-3311.

The Patrol Division Supervisor is Captain Dan Stone. Captain Stone has 20 years law enforcement experience and has been employed with the City of Colquitt for six years. Captain Stone is a Georgia Post Instructor and in-charge of departmental training. You may contact Captain Dan Stone at phone number 229-758-1007 or e-mail:


Captain Dan Stone Patrol Commander

The New Colquitt PD Black & White

Sergeant Kirkland with K-9 Hunter

First CPD Officer of the Year Award Winner Lonnie Wade being congradulated by mother.

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